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Feb. 26th, 2014 10:17 pm
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My brain is still much off-line.  Yesterday evening, I remembered that I'd been sleeping poorly due to ongoing sniffles, and took a decongestant before going to bed.  Unfortunately, I did not remember until after a couple of hours of lying awake that pseudoephedrine is a stimulant.

There is some cognitive dissonance in seeing an ad for an upcoming pseudo-Greek-mythology movie immediately followed by an ad for a TV series called Sirens.

"Your Honor, my client was in her kitchen, in her own home, having a pleasant discussion with her mother-in-law about her dishes.  Suddenly they were confronted by a stranger, a house-breaker, brandishing threatening them with a package.  My client was armed, as was her right, and acted to defend herself, her home, and her family from that self-styled 'kitchen counselor'.  It is hard to imagine a more reasonable application of the 'stand your ground' laws."

Not that I approve of the "stand your ground" laws, but I am terribly tired of the spate of "kitchen counselor" ads.
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I find it disturbing that the upcoming Hunger Games movie is being heavily promoted by a tie-in campaign by Subway.

There's a new chocolate cereal product called "Krave".  The name (and its spelling) make me twitch from the start.  Then there's the advertising.

A small brown square-ish thing wanders around, calling for its "mommy".  It finds a foil-wrapped chocolate bar lying down.  The foil opens, revealing the bar's squares; the little one screams in horror.  Then the bar squares leap on the little one and devour it to the last crumb, like the little blue goblin monsters in Galaxy Quest.  Then one of the bar squares starts "looking" around, calling for "baby?  baby?"

I am unable to fathom what message this is intended to convey.  The cereal is undead and rises from the foil crypt? The cereal is not only cannibalistic, but eats its own children?  At any rate, it doesn't inspire me to eat the stuff.  Quite the opposite.

Eat me

May. 20th, 2013 08:26 pm
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I have always been somewhat creeped out by commercials that feature animated food or animals urging people to eat them.  See also: Douglas Adams's "Dish of the Day", and Alice being introduced to Mutton and Plum Pudding on the other side of the Looking-Glass; not to mention Paul Gallico's charming children's book Manxmouse.

But recent commercials for M&Ms are even more troubling.  Red M&M doesn't want to be eaten, but people around him talk about eating him, start gnawing on him despite his objections, and eventually stuff him — kicking and yelling — into an oven.

In Larry Niven's World of Ptavvs, there's a line: "An intelligent food animal!  Hitler would have fled, retching."  I've always thought that Niven was a bit of an optimist on that point.
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Julie Hagerty is probably best known for her role as Elaine, the flight attendant in Airplane and its sequel.

Now, she's playing a flight attendant in a TV ad for jeans.

She looks very good, very much like she did in those movies 30+ years ago.  But for the life of me, I can't imagine what message the advertisers are trying to send.
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I don't watch much television; there are a couple of shows that I record, and play back while I'm using the exercise bike.  But ads for the "Axe Apollo Space Academy" have been saturating the air... so to speak.  All feature a Hot Babe encountering a Super Hunk (e.g. babe rescued from drowning by muscle guy), then Hot Babe sees a guy in a space suit and immediately spurns Super Hunk for Space Suit Guy.  Voice-over: "Nothing beats an astronaut."

Right.  Skyway Soap it ain't

I see from the contest website that the contest winners will go to Florida for "real astronaut training".  Final contestants "will win the chance to fly 103km up to space with space tourism company SXC".

Axe Apollo Space Academy.  Leave a man dweeb drenched in cologne.  Come back a hero dweeb encased in a space suit. (Most of us will appreciate the space suit. Really.)

Hmm.  "He had a faint sweetish musky odor.  Any crowded room smells worse on a hot day, but if I ever whiff that odor again, my skin will crawl and I'll be tongue-tied with fright." — Robert Heinlein, Have Space Suit, Will Travel.


Aug. 8th, 2012 10:36 pm
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Noted without comment, apart from "My name is Jael ben Dovid (allowing for difficulties in transliteration) and I approve this graffitization."

Street spam is treyf

("Treyf" is, basically, the opposite of "kosher": ritually forbidden.  Usually applied to food, sometimes to other objects or practices.)

Also, the group's website has stigmata of kookiness.  I've chosen those words very carefully.

"That word... I do not think it means what you think it means."

Mangled franglais: "Bonless"

It is possible that a weekend in Montreal sensitized me to badly-mangled Franglais.
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There's a new CBC Radio program, "Type A".  Not about blood, unfortunately; it seems to be mostly about annoying pushy people.

Every time I hear the show's name, what I hear is "Taipei".
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In today's mail: a card advertising a luxury condo tower under construction on Cleary Avenue.  The description burbles with grammatical errors, but the really disquieting feature is the name of the builder: "CharlesFort".  This seems unlikely to end well even if no wombats appear.

Also: yet another brochure from Rogers addressed to "Neighbor / 18 Norice St".  Shouldn't that end up in the mailbox at either 16 Norice or 20 Norice?
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A few minutes ago, the ad-sponsored web game that I was playing served up an ad for deodorant.

Of course, the problem is that the folks playing the game don't see the need. It's the people around them who might be inspired to make a gift to the gamers.
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A couple of days ago, the phone rang.  The line was full of noise and dropouts; I caught only one word: a guy saying "Hello?" with an Indian accent.  I asked, "What are you?"  There were several more seconds of static and garbage, then the line went dead.

Yesterday, I got a second call -- same crap on the line.  I asked, several times, "What are you selling?"  Eventually the guy replied, through the noise: "... Not selling anything.  We want to offer you a free cell phone..."

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