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I'm looking for some small squeeze dropper bottles, say around 50 to 100 mL.  It would be better if they were transparent or translucent, though it's not absolutely necessary.  Can anyone suggest where I might be able to find them around the Ottawa area?

I recently hauled my old "Eeeeks!" "Thingmaker" toy out of the basement.  I'm interested in trying it again.  I've ordered a big bottle of colourless vinyl resin goop, and I plan to use some of my Dad's candle dyes with it.


Jun. 9th, 2010 02:04 pm
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I've posted the instructions for making a plush squidlet shaker toy.

Also: Octocam!


Jan. 30th, 2010 11:29 pm
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Latest craft project: octopus-style toques.

Octoque 3 Octoque 5

The last pair of tentacles is extra-long and can be used to tie the toque under one's chin.

More pictures...
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Manymany years ago, my grandmother knitted an afghan blanket for me.  (Or crocheted it; I'm not sure how to distinguish the results.)  In one direction, there are seven broad stripes in a range of colours from dark rust to brownish-yellow; each stripe has a pattern "texture" like a stack of 'w's, or double-chevrony.  It's attractive and it's warm; I use it as a bedcover layer in cold weather.

The problem is that the blanket is approximately square, and about as wide as my bed.  It's not long enough, by about 30 cm.  I'd like to make it longer, by extending it in one direction or the other.  I could add another stripe on each side, either parallel to the stripes already there, or running across the ends of the current stripes.  The latter would have to have some zigzagging to fit with the stripes' ends.

I'm not sure what the best way of doing this is.  I see several options:
  • Quick-and-dirty: Use any warm fabric.  Fleece is cheap this time of year, as stores try to get rid of their stock before bringing in fabrics to be used in warmer weather.  This would be functional and inexpensive but unaesthetic.
  • Get someone who knits/chrochets to make the extensions, approximately matching the existing pattern.  Aesthetically, it's probably the best solution, but it would be time-consuming and probably expensive (in terms of Big Favours owed, if not cost).
    • Sub-option: I could re-learn knitting, or learn crocheting, as appropriate, and do it myself.  Cheap, but really time-consuming.
  • Find someone with a knitting machine who could do a couple of stripes, not particularly similar to the current stripes, but at least it would be a knitted material and not too visually jarring next to the current stuff.  Probably not too expensive.
Are there other options I'm missing?  Any suggestions?
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This year's jack o'lantern.

Sick pumpkin, semi-profile

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