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The assumptions built into the recent Doctor Who stories, and the emotional buildups followed by the goofy hack resolutions, continue to annoy me.

There's a Fixed Point In Time based on the Doctor being observed to die... ooh, the angst... then it turns out that the paradox can be resolved by a look-alike.

There's a Fixed Point In Time based on the Doctor and TARDIS being unable to visit New York at such-and-such a date to see Amy and Rory... ooh, the angst... but they blithely skip past the possibility of him traveling to some other city, waiting a bit, and taking a train.

Spoiled warning for "The Name of the Doctor" )

This running gag of Clara being "The Impossible Girl" was just silly.  In this context, as in so many others, "impossible" merely means "I haven't figured out the trick yet."  Considering how many times the universe has been rebooted with the guiding influence of someone associated with the Doctor, "impossible" is a word that he shouldn't be using.  (By now, he should also be avoiding the phrase "I promise", especially in a sentence like "I promise that you'll be safe" or "I promise I'll protect you.")
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That four-beat pattern from the Doctor Who episode "The End of Time" is a lot less creepy and ominous if one starts humming/whistling Ravel's Bolero along with it.
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I was thinking the other day that for the next Doctor Who, they should get Daniel Radcliffe.  He's British, he's already known for wearing a set of distinctive unusual clothing which includes a long scarf... and he's famous for waving around a sonic screwdriver wand to unlock things and to disarm opponents and to do other magical stuff.  (The sonic screwdriver seems even more magical than the wand — with the wand, one has to specify the effect one is looking for, whereas the screwdriver seems to be just point-and-click.)

"EX-TER-MI —" "Expelliarmus!"  And the Dalek's gun-arm goes flying across the room...
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"Time isn't just fractured. It's twisted and knotted like a Christmas ribbon-y... thing. There are towns in America where time doesn't change. There's a tangle in Korea where the Korean war has gone on for eleven years and no one has noticed." — The Doctor, "The Wedding of River Song", deleted dialogue

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