Feb. 21st, 2014 02:58 pm
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This morning, I finally got hit hard by the cold that's going around.  I've had mild sniffles for a couple of days and had hoped that was as far as it was going to go.  No such luck.  I'm skipping work today, as my brain is mostly off-line.

I may try to take a nap this afternoon, though that trick rarely works for me.  I'll probably spend more time playing "My Singing Monsters"... or more accurately, watch the script I've written play the game on my behalf.  Maybe tweak the script a bit, if I can muster the energy and neurons.

(AutoHotKey is a powerful, flexible language for writing Windows scripts.  I do think, though, that its creators have sacrificed syntactic consistency in favour of flexibility.  Several times, I've had to do a lot of trial-and-error work to find "phrasing" that worked.)

I managed to breed a Riff on only my second try, much more quickly than I'd expected.  This gives me a slight chance of breeding a Schmoochle before they disappear until next February.
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I'm looking for some hex tiles to prototype a game idea that I dreamed up (literally (by which I mean "really", not "metaphorically" or "emphatically")).  About the size of Catan tiles; a couple of people have suggested that I get hold of some used Catan tiles and draw on their backs.  Blank tiles are available for purchase on-line but the shipping cost is high compared to the value of the tiles.  Can anyone suggest where around Ottawa I might find such a thing?  I've tried the Comic Book Shoppe and Fandom II, and Kijiji and E-bay, without success.

(Cardboard is probably the best material for my purposes.  I'd be willing to use ceramic or linoleum or other flooring material, but such tiles are out of fashion — I've asked at a couple of flooring stores.)
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The night before last, I was at the Foglios' for a fannish party — come one, come all, and there were a lot of "all".  One main event was in a large banquet hall: a bingo-style game called "Pick 50".  Players had double-sided bingo-type cards with grids of answers: words, numbers, phrases.  The caller asked riddles, puzzles, cryptic questions, fannish trivia, other trivia.  To mark a space, one had to find an answer on the card which correctly answered a question.

In retrospect, I think it would be too frustrating to play that game, but it could sure keep a lot of people busy for a long time.
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This morning's dream involved me being repeatedly annoyed by the sounds from the big-screen video game in my bedroom until I finally tried to continue playing the game, by which time the game position was, essentially, too late to do anything but try to salvage the situation.  My inability to remember how to play, and to figure out the instruction booklet — <sarcasm>there's a novel situation in a dream</sarcasm> — just made things worse.

Some kind of extremely-large bright-yellow monster was attacking one of my space bases.  The monster lived in a higher dimension or parallel dimension, so all I could see were the free ends of its many tentacles, like a swarm of elongated blobs moving around within the shell of the space platform.  As each of those blobs was destroyed, the next section of the tentacle would be pulled into our dimension: larger and slower, but taking more damage to destroy.  When enough of the tentacles were gone, the body of the creature would be dragged into our space... with the active bomb it was carrying.  The bomb couldn't be hit without detonating it, destroying the station.

The creature's plan had been to travel through hyperspace to the station, with only the tips of its tentacles "showing" in normal space.  When it was coincident with the station, it would arm the bomb, deposit it inside the station, and then depart through hyperspace.  If I had engaged the creature during its approach, I might have been able to retrieve the inactive bomb and add it to my own arsenal.  By ignoring the game as long as I had, I'd ensured the loss of the station.

I don't play blow-things-up video games; my reflexes and coordination are terrible for that kind of thing, and I only like blowing things up for fun, not for violent purposes.  But this was an interesting game concept.


Aug. 23rd, 2010 05:09 pm
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I had a weird dream this morning of sitting in front of a Mac-like computer running a program to generate AD&D character stats for a character as described.

Snipped for the benefit of the non-RPG-geeks )

Do current versions of D&D have maximum strength stats which depend on the sex of the character?
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The Eye of Rassilon

This ancient Gallifreyan artifact appears to be a fine faceted citrine, about an inch and a half across, and has a faint indeterminate magical aura.  If an adventurer attempts to look through it, s/he may (10%) see a brief image of the past or the future, or from an alternate past, present, or future -- and at the same time will receive a Suggestion to place the gem into his/her own eye socket to allow better divination.

If the Eye is placed into an empty eye socket, it will instantly graft itself to the skull and cannot be removed without the death of its owner.  The Eye grants the following special abilities:
  • Sense nearby disturbances in the wibbly-wobbly timey-wimey continuum
  • Tongues (as the 4th-level Cleric spell, not the 2nd-level Courtesan)
  • Regeneration (Gallifreyan)
  • ...

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