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Per a CBC article, Justin Trudeau made a media comment about the Boston Marathon bombings, to the effect that we need to look for and address the root causes of such violence.

Stephen Harper attacked him for his attitude, asserting that the proper action is to "condemn it categorically, and to the extent you can deal with the perpetrators you deal with them as harshly as possible."

I am somewhat doubtful about the efficacy of threats of punishment as a deterrent; people who do such things usually don't believe they're going to get caught.  And if you're talking about a suicide bomber... what are you going to do to him afterwards?  "I'll take all the little bits and I'll... I'll - I'll jump on them! And I'll carry on jumping on them until I get blisters... or I can think of something even more unpleasant to do..."
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I got yet another phone-spam message left on my answering machine today from Bob Chiarelli.

The phone spam was sent from a number which, when I called it back, merely repeated the spammed message, then hung up.

I dug up Chiarelli's office number and left a message.  The following message that I sent to his office via their web form is a slightly expanded version:

Is there ANY way to get you to stop "inviting me" to participate in your "phone discussions"?  Is there ANY way to get you to NOT call me for the "discussion" after your phone-spam "invitation"?  I note with disgust that when I call back to the number that the phone spam was sent from, I just get to hear the spammed message a second time, instead of being allowed to leave a message.  It's not like you're allowing me the courtesy of letting me reply to the message you left for ME.

Look.  I'm on the do-not-call list for a reason.  I DON'T WANT YOUR JUNK CALLS.  I have repeatedly tried to get you to not call me.  I have repeatedly told you that your harassment is a major reason why I no longer vote Liberal, as I used to.  Your continued failure to respect me in this very simple way is a major reason why I expect to continue to vote against you.

Get off my answering machine.

And don't add me to any E-mail lists.  I don't want to hear from you.
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Without context: When one is doing all that one can, and more than one ought, it is infuriating to be accused of wilfully doing too little.
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I cried because the doctors mistakenly cut off my feet, until I met a woman who'd had the doctors mistakenly amputate her legs.

The guy from Patient Advocacy a week ago told me that they want to rebuild my faith in the hospital.  At this point, my "faith in the hospital" is that they're going to screw up, over and over again.

No, nothing new along those lines today, thank God.
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Doofes.  Rhymes with "roofies" and "Goofy's".

We had the 8 a.m.-to-noon "morning window" with Sympatico.  This required me to set my alarm for 8 a.m., which is much earlier than I tend to wake up these days.  (Yeah, I know, whine whine.  Regardless, I'm sleep-deprived and on lots of medication.)  The Sympatico doofes arrived at 8:35, which was quite reasonable under the circumstances.

Bell, booklet, and candles )

I'm not holding my breath on this; I think it's likely that I'll have to complain to Sympatico and have either them or Rogers back.

If all he'd left screwed up was the disconnected phone jack in the bedroom, I'd have taken care of it myself instead of dealing with the hassle of getting him back.  But there are several phone jacks not working upstairs, and that's stuff that is much easier to trace with the equipment that he's got and I don't have.

At least we do have internet back, and the phone jacks we use most often are working.

Bless me, what do they teach them at these schools?
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For the past week, the house has been without internet service, and largely without phone service.

It started when we tried to have the phone service switched from Bell to Rogers, leaving behind the internet service.  I don't want to switch the internet stuff yet because I have my personal webspace hosted by Sympatico (Rogers doesn't offer that at all), and the E-mail address that I've used for a long time for more important purposes is also on Sympatico.  I need to get a domain that will be independent of the service provider, and transition to that.  But Rogers has some phone service features that we want, which are significantly less expensive than we'd have to pay than with Bell.  We were assured that the switch-over, retaining my old phone number, would be simple.  No trouble.

Rogers Rogers Rog-AAAarrghhh... )

There is sometimes the question: Which is worse, Bell or Rogers?  And I think that the only good answer is "Whichever of the two you had to deal with most recently."
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I was trying to remember why, in my last post, the Immigration Minister's idea seemed so familiar.  It just came to me:
"Back during World War I, they called it 'Loyalty Days,' and they made all the people of German extraction stand up in the middle of the town where everybody could see 'em.  Made 'em all stand up and say the Pledge of Allegiance and salute the flag and everybody watched to make sure they weren't crossing their fingers, I guess.  Well, everybody goes through that sort of foolishness once in a while. Our country does it more often than most, but here we are." — Garrison Keillor, Lake Wobegon Loyalty Days
Sadly familiar territory.

ETA: What do they do for somebody who can't speak?  There must be some provision for written oaths.
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  1. A member of a couple of social groups sends out a message to all the other members, inviting them to a social gathering. [Hmm, I'll have to see if I can get to that.]

  2. One of the other members sends a curmudgeonly reply to all, warning that "crowding several people in a small area is unhealthy.  Regulations are in place limiting the number of people to a given area.  Unless there is very good ventilation, you are breathing a 'primordial soup' of viruses and bacteria that other people carry."  [Sheesh.  It's what we Earth-people call a "party".]

  3. Another of the members sends a reply to all: "The man has definitely lost all his marbles.  Where does he get the idea that he is entitled to dictate the conditions under which a personal party is held?  He is definitely older but in no way is he wiser.  The man deserves to have no friends at all and he still doesn't understand why?  Absolutely impossible."  [Harridan, that's thee.]
Other groups don't seem to have quite such an incidence of pots calling kettles black and other socially-dysfunctional people.  The sad thing is that I was able to guess the general tenor of the two replies just from the identities of the senders.

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