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A couple of months ago, Steven McNulty from Edward Jones financial advisors stopped by our house.  [livejournal.com profile] mentisiterinvit gave him our phone number.  (I don't know why, but that's up to her.)  Since then he has been calling every few weeks.  This afternoon he called again, while I was busy and unable to pick up the phone, and left no message.  I called him back.

"You've been calling us, well, semi-regularly, and I'd like you to stop, please."

"But you gave me your number."

"My girlfriend did.  At any rate, we'd like you to stop calling."

"Then why did she give my your number?  That's pretty immature."

"She was interested.  She isn't any more.  Please stop calling."

"Fine.  I wouldn't want to deal with you anyways."

I called him a twit and hung up.

So.  If you're looking for a financial advisor who isn't, well, an ass, I'd suggest looking elsewhere.

I was very careful with my tone of voice to not be rude, condescending, or otherwise offensive, right up until the final word "twit".  He was given our number; he had the legal right to call us -- until I asked him to stop, with my first sentence.

I cannot fathom why he, and other salescritters, try to argue with such requests to stop calling.  It's not like they're going to change my mind.
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We've got a maple tree in our front yard, part of a sort of hedge that has grown from windblown and bird-dropped seeds.  It's a bit odd, and I'm not having any luck identifying the variety.  The leaves are opposite, moderately indented, longer than they are wide, and relatively small compared with other maple leaves I've seen: about 7 cm long (a bit less than 3").  The seeds have pink wings and in almost all cases appear in groups of 3, instead of the pairs that are usual for most maples.


Can anyone please tell me what kind of maple we've got?

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I'm trying to install a new bathroom fan.  The spinning part of the old unit gets loose on its axle and develops loud and complex beat patterns.  ("RA-ta-ta-TA-ta... RA-ta-ta-TA-ta... RA-ta-ta-ta-TA-ta-ta-ta-RA-ta-ta-ta-TA-ta-ta-ta...")  The new unit is much more sturdy and appears to be better constructed, with a more solid motor.

But the installation isn't going according to the manual.  This is because the instructions appear to be impossible to follow.  Since the joists are 16" apart (center to center), I'm apparently supposed to use wood screws to attach the fan to two of them... but the screw holes in the fan are only 11" apart.  I'm also supposed to slide a support strut into the body of the fan, but the instructions don't tell me to attach it to anything.  It also appears to be physically impossible to either insert the fan body through the hole in the ceiling with the strut already in place, or to slide the strut into its place after the fan has been pushed through the hole.  The strut would have to pass through either the ceiling or the joist.

I'm currently leaning towards cutting a couple of short lengths of 2-by-4, and screwing them to the joists so I've got solid wood on either side of the fan to screw it into.  And forgetting about that strut.

Is this another case of a company providing impossible-to-follow instructions so that if there's a problem, it's not their fault?
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Höon der böon de bakin de babee

Hoon der boon de bakin de babee

The doll was sitting out in the car on a cold afternoon of Christmas eve, and needed to be wrapped. But water kept condensing on it, dampening the wrappings. Solution: a few minutes in a preheated warm oven.

Höon der böon der cöokin de cøøws

Hoon der boon der cookin de coows

Ginger snaps, shaped with a cookie cutter from "La Vache que Rit".

One of these cows is not like the others. Can you spot the difference?
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My plan was to run a load of laundry, then go to see [livejournal.com profile] mentisiterinvit in the hospital.  (I just learned that she's going for an MRI, and may not be back in ICU for a couple of hours.)  When I went down to the basement to move the laundry from the washer to the drier, I found the sink/tub full of water and water on the floor.  The tub drain is clogged.

To paraphrase an old saying: Time is what lets you have one damn thing after another instead of every damn thing at once.

The Cat

Oct. 8th, 2012 01:34 pm
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I'm thinking that we should rename Oxana to "Paris".
  1. She is blonde, and has been bred for looks, not brains.  Very effectively.
  2. She spends most of her time grooming herself.
  3. She's very attention-seeking: "Look!  I'm pretty!"
  4. She's innately destructive.
  5. Many people are allergic to her.
  6. Give her a bit of a skritch and she's in a semi-crouch with her butt in the air.

Cat owners

Jul. 19th, 2012 02:28 pm
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[Poll #1854852]

By "cat owner" I mean to include any variation of "I am responsible for the care of a cat" such as "My cats own me!".

I anticipate another dispute with a neighbor whose cat has been coming onto my property and causing trouble.  I need to determine which neighbor before I can complain to the city.
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A poll about cats running loose in the city, if you don't mind...

[Edited to remove broken poll; please try my other attempt.]

By "cat owner" I mean to include any variation of "I am responsible for the care of a cat" such as "My cats own me!".

I anticipate another dispute with a neighbor whose cat has been coming onto my property and causing trouble.  I need to determine which neighbor before I can complain to the city.

Tree 2

Jul. 18th, 2011 08:01 pm
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I went with the tree people recommended by my mother (in part since the other company I left a message with didn't call me back).  The fallen section of the tree has been taken down, and there doesn't appear to be any damage to my roof.  I'll be more sure of that once all the sawdust has blown or washed away from the shingles and I'm able to go up and get a better look.

At this point, all of the material is spread out on my lawn.  They're supposed to come back and remove the branches and leaves, and take down the rest of the tree, in a few days — there's more urgent work for them to take care of in the next few days.  They're supposed to leave all the wood and thicker branches for me, cut into 16" lengths for firewood.

So far, so good.  I'll post more information and my recommendations about the company after they finish the job.
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One of the trees in my front yard split while I was out yesterday — presumably in the big storm in the evening.  Half of it is lying across my roof (and, from the inside, doesn't appear to have caused any significant damage) and will definitely have to be removed, and I'm pretty sure that the rest of the tree will have to go too.  Can any of my local friends give recommendations or warnings about tree-removal services?

Thanks in advance...

(ETA: My neighborhood was without electric power from 7:30 yesterday evening to just before 7:00 this morning.  I got home in utter darkness and didn't realize that the tree was down until just before I was going to go to bed, when I noticed that there were a lot more leaves and branches outside my office window than there should be.  I'd noticed a faint musty old-wood odour, but assumed that it was just because the furnace fan was off and the house was unusually hot and humid... it was probably because the tree thumped the roof, and stirred up dust in the attic space.)
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Can anyone recommend a good refrigerator-repair company that serves Nepean? My fridge seems to be having problems.


Jul. 2nd, 2007 07:36 pm
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I'm home again from Conterpoint. I had a good time at the convention: fun music, time spent with friends who I don't get to see often enough. Not only did I manage to get a song done for the contest (theme: "True Love"), but it placed third. The song is set in the Girl Genius universe.

I've spent too much of my time since my return working on plumbing -- specifically my leaking toilets. God save me from blithering idiots who do home-handyman stuff without knowing what they're doing or having a decent level of "how-stuff-works" aptitude. If you raise the level of a bathroom floor by half an inch of tile, you need to either also raise the level of the toilet's flange plate (set in the floor) by half an inch, or extend the toilet's outlet horn downwards by the same amount with some kind of extender. Otherwise, you're not gonna get a reliable seal between them. Oh, and if you cut the bolts that attach the toilet to the flange plate, replace them; they're neither expensive nor hard to find. Don't try to re-use the old bolts by connecting the bits together again, each threaded half way into a nut. That isn't reliable either. <Sigh>

There's moderate damage to the basement ceiling under the main-floor toilet, but (luckily) there doesn't seem to be significant damage to the floor under the toilet. It's a good thing that the main-floor toilet isn't used often.

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