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Banter in social settings, intended to result in a quick pickup... these would be "lay lines"..?
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I'm not particularly surprised that Google has a couple of hits for "listeria bush".  What's a bit disconcerting is that they seem to be unintentional.
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I was at the hospital much too late last night, helping [livejournal.com profile] mentisiterinvit.  So I was still up at 1:20 this morning, about to get into bed, when I heard a thump and a "patter" from downstairs.  It pretty much had to be something that the cat had done.  After a few seconds, I decided to go down and see if it was something serious, because, you know, cats.  (Young children, too, but there are none in residence.)

It turned out that Oxana/Paris, our not-too-bright-even-by-feline-standards cat, had managed to knock the side tube off the gerbil cage.  (The tube is held in place just by friction; it snaps downwards, and there's no way for an animal inside the cage to dislodge it.)  The gerbil, even less bright than the cat, decided to make a break for freedom, and was being followed by the cat.  Luckily, the cat is more curious about the scurrying critter than malicious, and wasn't trying hard to catch it.  I managed to catch the gerbil without harm to either pet, as far as I can tell, and got it back into its cage.

I spent a few minutes trying to figure out how to secure the side tube, and eventually zip-tied it to the cage so it can't come off.  I don't think that either animal can dislodge it.

I really didn't need the excitement when I was trying to unwind before going to sleep.  I lay in bed composing a letter to the company that makes the cages, suggesting that they should add some kind of lock to the side tube to make sure that it can't be knocked off so easily.

I'm very tired.  I apologize for the title of this post, but I really couldn't resist.
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Smurfette (AKA "Schtroumpfette") was created by Gargamel as part of a scheme against the Smurfs: as the only female Smurf, she would destroy them by seducing them and getting them to fight over her.

I wonder if the "strumpet" pun was intentional?  It wouldn't be the only off-colour (blue?) joke from SmurfCorp.


Jul. 13th, 2011 10:16 pm
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Timbitis: abdominal swelling caused by excessive incremental absorption of dietary fats and sugars.
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We're still in the pre-Twelfth-Night period for the Orthodox churches, right?

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Because [livejournal.com profile] beable  and [livejournal.com profile] ambiviolent  asked...

moar funny pictures

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