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International Women's Year buttons

This is me, at age 10 or 11, being a jerk.

Creative, but a jerk.

I think the original "WHY N♀T!" buttons were distributed in my school. I don't know how much context we were given. I think that at that age I would have understood the concept of fairness, and feminism in the sense of treating everybody equally regardless of sex... but that would have come out as "why a year to treat women specially, but not men?" If I'd understood that the year was intended to promote a fairness that we didn't have yet, I might not have done these button adaptations. I don't know. It's the kind of satirical adaptation that led me to filking later. The urge to show off how clever I am has overridden good taste a few times too many in my life.

I'm somewhat better now.

I keep the buttons as a reminder of... something. Good to know where I've come from, I guess, and to recognize the distance.
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There's a big poster up on the wall beside the "shallow pool" at the Nepean Sportsplex.  I think it's created and distributed by the Lifesaving Society.

In 7 days, your child could ride a bike... because he learned.

In 4 hours, your child could tie her shoes... because she learned.

In 20 minutes, your child could say his ABCs... because he learned.

In 30 seconds, your child could drown...

The logical structure, and its conclusion, make me itch, metaphorically.

On the other hand, right at the moment, I'm feeling somewhat overwhelmed.

I had a follow-up appointment with the neurosurgeon a week and a half ago.  The MRI shows distinct improvement in my spinal cord; the syrinx is much smaller.  However, I'm having increasing discomfort in my left shin and foot — very likely due to compressed nerves getting back into proper shape after all these months, and yelling at me about the state of things.  The surgeon recommended that I back off on my exercise somewhat for a couple of weeks, and also suggested that massage and acupuncture may help.

My stamina for sitting up, including in front of the computer, is still poor.

I'm still having a lot of trouble getting to sleep at night.  Part of this is due to that pain, part to gastric reflux, part to simple fretting about things.  On the other hand, I'm tending to drop off to sleep rather abruptly in the late afternoon, lying on my sofa reading or watching a DVD.  It's very odd for me to suddenly wake up, lying down, with a mouthful of food, and realize that I must have dozed off while eating supper.

My friend Phil Whiteside passed away early Tuesday morning.  I feel... odd.  Distant, emotionally flat.  It hasn't really hit me yet.  I didn't get to see him in the last few weeks, because of my own difficulties in travel and because I guess I kept hoping that he'd rally one more time.  About a week ago, I woke up in the early morning, utterly overwhelmed with grief, but without any clear focus for the emotion that I could identify.

Many of my friends are dealing with a lot of their own problems.  There's too much crap going on around here.


Jan. 26th, 2011 08:12 pm
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I finally got on my duff and started writing a note to the guy I shared a room with during my first stay in hospital.  My stamina for sitting at the computer is still poor; the blog that his family set up to inform his friends about his progress mentioned only that he'd started chemo and was having complications with his feeding tube.  I figured there wasn't any great rush.

Before I sent the note, I decided to do another search on his name.  I found his obituary; it seems that he passed away on January 5th.

I never really got to know him well, but he was a nice guy, and our conversations helped make a lousy time a bit less miserable for both of us.  RIP Gary Cybulski.

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