Oct. 20th, 2013 12:34 pm
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I tend to be nerdishly amused by literalism, especially when I'm tired.

I am amused that Yoplait's line of Greek yogurt appears to be called "gora".

... Which I suppose must mean "no market"..?


Sep. 23rd, 2012 09:54 pm
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We spent a little while this afternoon at the annual Gem and Mineral Show.  There were many pretty rocks and crystals and beads and such.  But was a bit disconcerting to see how much of the merchandise was being marketed for the paranormal/occult crowd. After a while, I started wishing that the little cards in the boxes of stones said something like: "This is just a rock.  It is a pretty rock, and if having pretty things makes you happy, you should buy it.  But it will neither prevent nor cure illness or injury; it will not affect your "energy"; it will not protect you from harm unless it should happen to get in the way of something that was going to hit you.  It won't increase your wisdom (though reading this card may help) and it won't improve your sex life except possibly if you use it as an appropriate gift.  It won't bring you money except by your selling it."

ETA: I don't think I'd ever seen the mineral 'orpiment' before.  Its pretty golden colour explains something about its popularity in alchemical work, and its composition (As2O3, arsenic (III) sulfide) explains something about the lives of the alchemists.
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ACME Special

Got a few extra body parts?

ACME Special

They seemed to be doing moderately good business earlier in the day.
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In today's mail: a card advertising a luxury condo tower under construction on Cleary Avenue.  The description burbles with grammatical errors, but the really disquieting feature is the name of the builder: "CharlesFort".  This seems unlikely to end well even if no wombats appear.

Also: yet another brochure from Rogers addressed to "Neighbor / 18 Norice St".  Shouldn't that end up in the mailbox at either 16 Norice or 20 Norice?
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Smurfette (AKA "Schtroumpfette") was created by Gargamel as part of a scheme against the Smurfs: as the only female Smurf, she would destroy them by seducing them and getting them to fight over her.

I wonder if the "strumpet" pun was intentional?  It wouldn't be the only off-colour (blue?) joke from SmurfCorp.
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I do kind of wonder why a "meal replacement" liquid which is full of artificial thingies (and modified natural substances) is prominently labeled "No Artificial Flavours".

Marketing, I suppose.  I didn't think to look that closely at the competing products' packaging.

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