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The snake I was following yesterday turned out to be a gopher snake, not a rattlesnake, and anyway I did not try to pick it up.

We did see a rattlesnake today, though, and had to wait with our tour guide in the petrified wood forest until the snake could be collected for relocation.


My Nicoll number is 1.  That is, I have conversed with James Nicoll but am not Nicoll himself.

If you have conversed with me but not with Nicoll, your Nicoll number is 2.  And so on, as with the Erdős number.

If you are James Nicoll, your Nicoll number is 0.

If you are one of the James Nicolls who have perished in alternate universes, your Nicoll number is -1.
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One of my pictures made it into today's CakeWrecks.  It's the last one on that page, the "beach vomit" cake.

There were actually a couple of other cakes in the same "style" that looked even worse, but they disappeared before I could get back to the store with a camera.

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Yar: What I want now is gentleness.  And joy... and love.  From you, Data; you are fully functional, aren't you?

Data: Of course, but...

Yar: How fully?

Data: In every way, of course.  I am programed in multiple techniques.  A broad variety of pleasuring.

Yar: Oh!  You jewel, that's exactly what I hoped!

Data: I have found that the articles in Cosmo vary little from month to month.

Yar: That's more than I wanted to know.  Get in here.

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I can't help reading and processing signage that I pass.  That's part of why I hate street spam so much.  But occasionally I can salvage a moment of wit from it.

Crossfit (n): apoplexy


Oct. 20th, 2013 12:34 pm
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I tend to be nerdishly amused by literalism, especially when I'm tired.

I am amused that Yoplait's line of Greek yogurt appears to be called "gora".

... Which I suppose must mean "no market"..?
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This sentence is false.[citation needed]
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Every so often there's an announcement over the hospital PA system, of (possible) relevance to everyone.  Most are about some problem, the "code" announcements.  "Code Red" means that there's a fire, "Green" is for an evacuation, "Blue" for a cardiac arrest; there's "Yellow" for a missing patient and "Amber" for an infant abduction.  "White" is a violent or other behavioural problem; that's for security people to deal with.  They've pretty much used up the available colours (though not purple/violet, for some reason) and have moved on to numbers -- "Code 222" is for a neonatal emergency and "333" is for an obstetrical emergency for the mother.

On Sunday afternoons, there's an all-hands announcement about a Catholic Mass to be held soon in the hospital prayer room.  When I hear it, I think "What, Code 666?"
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... according to the Greek Orthodox Mayans.

Happy new year, everyone.
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I just thought about Gandalf trying to teach at some school of wizardry: "You shall not pass!"
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Three Children And IT

This is a book "mash-up" that's very dependent on your knowing a couple of children's books. If you don't get it, it's probably not worth the trouble of an explanation, but the "parents" are L'Engle's A Wrinkle In Time and Nesbit's Five Children And It.  It's a bit surprising to me how many people think that E. Nesbit's book really was titled Three Children And It, per a Google search.  Four ... was also somewhat popular.

This took much longer to put together than I expected, mostly because of difficulty matching the font for the authors' names.  The font identifiers at www.linotype.com and www.identifont.com came up with entirely wrong suggestions, based on a series of questions about the font's properties; with Adobe's, I couldn't even figure out how to mark the "categories" for a couple of words on the cover of a book.  The identifier at www.myfonts.com took an uploaded image and quickly gave me a couple of possibilities that were pretty much bang-on — I still had to tweak the proportions a bit but it was enough to work with.  I don't have access to the font (Century Expanded Italic) on any of the computers here, but for such a small bit of text, copy/pasting from images of a font sampler didn't take much work.
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Clint Eastwood, yes... but what about Naomi?
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I don't tend to see the glass as half-full or half-empty.  I see it as containing a liquid which appears to be water and therefore (if true) possibly useful if one were thirsty or wanting to cook or do other chemical work, but also presenting a hazard by aspiration or slippage (if spilled), and dangerously fragile, and too close to someone's elbow.
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"Time isn't just fractured. It's twisted and knotted like a Christmas ribbon-y... thing. There are towns in America where time doesn't change. There's a tangle in Korea where the Korean war has gone on for eleven years and no one has noticed." — The Doctor, "The Wedding of River Song", deleted dialogue

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